The Decorative insulation panels STIGESS are a complex, modern building product designed for insulation of any type of buildings.

Their multilayer sandwich structure consists of insulation layer made of EPS /Styrofoam/ 21-23kg/m3 density, Neopor or XPS, construction adhesive for thermal insulation and water-repellent decorative plaster with fibers added.

The standard dimensions of the panels are 50/16,3cm, 50/25cm, 50/50cm, 60/30cm and 100/50cm. The width may vary between 2 and 10cm, depending on whether the panel is to be applied in an interior or exterior installation. The variety of patterns and colors is practically unlimited which presents the opportunity for large selection of a beautiful and finished appearance of your facade, and it provides a comfort feeling in the rooms.

Panels may be designed after individual client pattern.

Decorative insulation panels STIGESS are distinguished by certain fundamental advantages:

  • - the great variety of colors and shapes creates multiple designs for the façade and interior
  • - the panels have diffusion opened (‘breathing’) structure
  • - the plaster has high resistance capacity against pressure, cold, moisture and peeling
  • - due to the low dead weight of the panels, this system does not require their fixing with plugs
  • - they provide unique functional solutions
  • - their application is cheaper, easier and quicker in times compared to the traditional practices
  • - excellent balance between quality, features and price
  • - easy to transport and transfer to the construction site
  • - clean installation – no dust or wet processes
  • - installation work without noise and vibrations
  • - system without thermal bridges
  • - easy processing of the elements



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